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"Dancing Daffodils" Original Painting sold. Cards and Prints only"Spring is in the Air""Lilac Heaven""Iris" Original oil sold Cards and Prints still Available"Cyber Space""Reflections""Designs in Purple" Original sold Cards and Prints still Available"Misty" ll computor prints or cards onlhy"Pink Blaze"pints or cards onlySummer Garden, print or oil painting"Sunflowers"  2012, oil on canvas, 24x24Tree Top" 14"Garden Gate" oil `$125 prints and cards available"Cottage Door"  cards and prints avaialbe"Going Home" oil, prints and cards available"The Last Dance"cards and prints"Tall Timbers"prints and cards avaliable"Ghost Riders on the Dark Side of the Moon" cards and prints"City in the Sky #2" oil, cards and prints"Misty" cards and prints